Tips for cleaning your Atomizer to enjoy a great Vaping experience

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October 19, 2016

Tips for cleaning your Atomizer to enjoy a great Vaping experience

One of the biggest features of electronic cigarette pens is that they can be reused. It is therefore important to keep electronic cigarette parts such as sprayers clean and hygienic. How to clean and maintain your sprayer can have a direct impact on your anger experience. If after some use it turns out that the electronic liquid flavor is sweeter than before, be sure to clean the sprayer.

Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, vape flavor and other ingredients gradually accumulate gradually and regularly. And this debris accumulates in the sprayer tank and interferes with the function of the vamp pen.

There is no fixed rule or sure way of cleaning and maintenance of the sprayer. There are several ways to clean the sprayer and the user should follow the most appropriate method. Some vapors prefer to clean the sprayer after each use, but other sprayers clean the sprayer every week. Let’s look at some ways to clean the sprayer.

Water and vinegar

Use regular water to clean the sprayer in the trash can. However, it is important to use hot water or hot water without detergent. However, simple water may not remove the smell of strong vape flavor. In this case, put some vinegar in warm water and keep sprayer for at least 10 minutes. This will clear the sprayer tank.


Vodka contains ethyl alcohol, which makes it an effective solvent. Soak vodka head and tank for about 3-5 hours. Then remove all parts and place them on a paper towel to dry. There is another way to clean with vodka. Put a drop of vodka into the sprayer tank and press the mouth of the sprayer head with your fingers to give a lively and strong shake. This allows you to remove residues and smell them.

Paper towel

If you do not want to use vodka, you can use a paper towel. Remove all sprayer parts and place them on a paper towel. Then carefully clean each part to remove the dunks.

Or you can put the sprayer down on a clear tissue paper for about 24 hours. This will cause an electronic juice leak in the residue. After that, you can clean it with running water and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. This is the simplest way to clean your sprayer and enjoy the premium Vaping experience.

The sprayer is very similar to a light bulb. They burn out after a little use and time. Some sprayers can last about 3 months, but other sprayers can not last more than 2 weeks. Electronic cigarette To enjoy a stable supply of electronic liquid, it is recommended to equip one or more sprayers. And always clean properly and keep the sprayer to remove the deposited residue from the heating coil and experience the ultimate vaping experience.

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