The end of the pot – the words of the evil letter you are holding

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December 1, 2016

The end of the pot – the words of the evil letter you are holding

Social status, stress, poor planning and lists continue but hiding behind this excuse entails an unpleasant little devil we are not aware of or attempting to conceal him at the same time; Dirty four letter “F” word.

Yes … It is fear (what do you think I’m saying?)
We all think we can do what we want, but obstacles are inevitable on the way. The reality is that fear is a much bigger part and we have to acknowledge it. For a long time marijuana smokers can be frightening. The alternative is too far away.

Most fears are very unconscious and often show their effects in the form of delays. “Next week … on my birthday … when I finish this last weed bag, and so on, like an imaginary obstacle, obviously,” I can not quit. But I may lose a friend. I have an unbearable patience … I will lose my creativity. “Eventually we realize it is still right, even if it is difficult.

This does not focus on stopping marijuana addiction but can be applied to many things in life whenever there is something new, a change in lifestyle, or a new project or outcome that needs to get in the way of getting out of our control.

The key is to know something you really want and do something about it.
Here are some key ways to remember that fear stops you from making bad habits that will make you slave, and that courage is in your fears and that you do what you need to do despite your difficulties.

Fear of failure

Many psychological studies show that fear of failure is the biggest stumbling block to individual success. This is closely related to self-esteem. We connect everything so closely to our own values ​​that we do not risk the humiliation we can never try … and if we try and fail we reinforce it again negatively.
How then can we overcome this fear of failure and all its negative self-worth?

Please admit to yourself that you are afraid of failure.
Please understand that if you stumble or fall, you have an opportunity to learn.
While pleasing the learning experience and rejecting the illusion of humiliation may seem difficult, habits become a habit and become a tool for all living.

Fear of success

Yes, did you hear that? If you want to stop smoking marijuana, why are we afraid of doing it? This can be a tricky concept, but one of the hardest things to solve is the puzzle. Basically we are unconsciously connected to all the faults of success, instead of thinking of positive thinking, instead of afraid of change and fear of new challenges that cause change.

Success seems to be scary and you can inject a few into your overwhelming life. Will your friends treat you the same? Can not you feel happiness anymore? How will you cope with stress? Are all these sounds familiar?

Here are some tips to fight against these fears.
No matter what change happens, there will be no change because it will change or change constantly.
Babe Ruth had both a home run record and a strikeout record. Please continue to wave the fence.
The positive effect of exiting the pot is not just smoking, but also everything you get on the journey: driving and deciding and life lessons.

Fear of social rejection

This can be a part of the horror of success, but it seems that there are special places for many, leaving the habit of smoking pots. Often the entire circle of friends can be smokers, and the fear of those who refuse to choose may feel like rejecting you as a person as well as your own life decisions.
So how do we avoid our fears about social rejection? Some people do nothing and do not even try. But this leaves you in an incomplete state and you are afraid to do something. So these tips can help you overcome this fear.

No one can please everyone. Some people can be supportive and others will never … Who do you want to be your friend?
Your life choices are yours, not theirs, and they do not reflect your choices. If you know the fact and do not judge, you have no right to judge.

Fear of danger

Like fear of success, this is a fear of the unknown, but it focuses more on making games safer. No one has taken the risk and has gone nowhere, even when we stop using marijuana. Because safety is about the current state, everything is not out of the comfort zone, which can be controlled compared to the alternatives.

Our brains are twice as hard to overcome this fear as they are actually connected by wires to accept our consistency and familiarity. But there are better things for those unfamiliar. Remember these things in your goal.

Is it difficult or difficult to stop the pot?
When you take risks, your confidence improves. Each step you take will give you energy to move on to the next step if you do not smoke every day and face the next day till you completely overcome your fear.
Do not just do about it! just do it!

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