Ten Benefits of Ending Marijuana

Quit Smoking Benefits
November 11, 2016

Ten Benefits of Ending Marijuana

I am not ashamed to admit that I have been a regular pot smoker for more than seven years in my life. I smoked almost every day because I enjoyed it. It comforts me and gave me a sense of relaxation.
But over time, I began to realize that everything I thought I enjoyed was merely a fantasy. I was concentrating on smoking. I thought it was not happy, creative, or stress-free. It was my “umbrella” to say. Escape from my protection and reality.
When you are stagnant or do something destructive to you. There is always a small voice in it. “Why am I doing this?” Or “I must quit this.” I defied that voice for three years until I finally said it was enough.
It was obviously not easy, and I tried to quit. Then a week later I will smoke again. Finally, I had to finish the experiment about five times before I reached the point where I did not want to do anything with it.
I always said that marijuana is not addictive and does not show withdrawal symptoms, but nothing has moved away from the truth. If you allow, it is not like a harder medicine, but if you have been doing it for a long time, it is not difficult to quit. Do not let him discourage you, it will be difficult for a while. But it is difficult.
Here are a list of the 10 benefits of cutting marijuana. This is not to discriminate against anyone unless you weed and it does not affect your life in a negative way. Please stop using it for at least 30 days and if not, check it out for yourself.
My only hope is that this will inspire someone and help them to continue growing without relying on anything other than their own.
1. Increase summons of dreams
This is the first thing you will notice. And it’s literally within me. I could hardly remember my dream when I weed. At the end, I was surprised at first because I was so intense that I stopped dreaming. I did not dream that long, but it took me a while to get used to it.
Speaking a week or two later, it will be normal and I look forward to it. The idea of ​​remembering your dreams and figuring out what they mean will stimulate you. You can learn a lot by looking at the deeper and more symbolic meanings of your dreams.
2. Increase creativity
One of my favorite things is to weed and play guitar. I thought I was too creative when I did that and I thought I could not enjoy playing without smoking.
I can not explain how fantastic the words were. I literally was exporting my creativity to some other drug. When I finally quit smoking and the fog of my brain was released, about a month later, my creativity increased tenfold. I was ten times more creative about guitar and other talents, and more fun than before.
3. Increased energy
After I quit smoking I found a tremendous increase in energy. I could not sit without doing anything anymore, and I had to go out and do something. When I smoked I was satisfied with “running around” and not very productive. I did not care about acting because I was smoking and “happy”.
As soon as I quit, I was working out earlier, got out of bed early, concentrated all day and finally started to finish my work. My sex drive has also increased … It is a bad thing I can not say.
4. No dependency
As a chronic smoker, I could not go anything at first without smoking. I was at a point where I thought I was not high and could not do anything. I relied on something other than myself to enjoy life, to be happy. There is nothing more powerful than that. We do not have to depend on anything to escape ourselves to be happy. It’s just an illusion.
5. More money!
I spent more than $ 300 a month to cover my habits. That is the cost of renting a lot of people. The extra money went in the direction of actually having a true meaning.
6. Improved memory
This was a big one for me. When I smoked every day, I was struggling to remember what I did a few days ago. Specific details about interaction with people have always been lost. It seemed like there was a constant fog in my mind.
If I quit, it took about two months for the fog to finally lift. I began to see clearly and remember detailed details. My short-term memory, like my critical thinking ability, has improved tenfold.
7. More active and inspired
I have always been satisfied with following other people and taking an easy path. I always read other people’s works and then wait for me to teach others. I never tried to learn something by myself. I was just as good at playing music from other people on guitar as opposed to actually working and creating myself.
After weeding off, everything changed. I began to become more active rather than reactive. Surprisingly, it all started easily! Where handwriting was a struggle before, I started to get inspired and could write the whole song in a short time. I want to naturally contribute to inspiring and believing.
You should also mention that it is very likely that you did not start this website if I did not quit.
8. Health
When I quit, my overall health condition had surprising changes. I was able to breathe twice before, my throat always felt insecure, and my diet was improved because I did not eat food waste. My skin color improved and my sweat was not bad.
Writing reminded me of a very important point. My ability to resist temptation has also improved. There are many other things as well as junk food. I was able to remain firm and firm in my faith.
9. A more balanced atmosphere
As a regular smoker, my mood will constantly change. I feel frustrated even when I am happy and calm (even the smallest) and ruin my day unconsciously throughout the day. I have always been influenced back and forth in this tennis ball. High was the only way to avoid it.
When I first quit, it got worse. I stayed in anger and frustration for two good months. It was really hard to put me back into a “happy state” without having anything to deny it. While maintaining a strong and dedicated attitude, I began to feel my own mood and balance little by little, and not so suddenly and extreme.
10. Less paranoid
Smoking weeds create a lot of paranoia and anxiety for people. This is the vibration of fear. The vibrations of fear do nothing but harm you, and they are a disconnect with your soul. There is no fear when you are connected to your soul. Because you know that you can handle everything that comes your way and can do it intelligently. It is a clear message that if you are creating some kind of fear vibration, you have to stop it.
There were some profound positive changes in my life when I stopped marijuana. Sometimes it was not easy, but I’m much happier without it. Certainly there are some detoxification symptoms when you quit. I had headache, back and shoulder pain, anxiety and anger. They are ready, but they can not last long.
The benefits of smoking cessation and the symptoms of detoxification can all vary. If you want to add something, please let us know in the comments box.

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