Smoking Technology – Smoking Tips Weed!

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November 28, 2016

Smoking Technology – Smoking Tips Weed!

Studies have shown that you may be like the five closest people in your presence. In other words, it will be the average of the closest 5 people in your life.

What should be done when it breaks weeds? If you are having trouble smoking now, you should reflect who your closest 5 friends are. Perhaps, you would be hanging out using a type of person who is a marijuana addict.

The researchers found that using the same group of people no matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to change if you continue to fit. It is simple because soon or later, your old friends will bring you to their level.

Therefore, if you need to quit smoking weeds, you should do it. You need to go out and look for five new friends.

In addition, you want to reduce friendship from the past based solely on smoking pots. This may sound wrong, but it is true that you actually have to follow the chapter of life.

If you have trouble finding new friends, go to AA or NA or the 12-step meeting. There are dozens of 12-step programs that are available free of charge around the world.

It is really essential to meet and play with a new group of people with the same goal as you.

So stop playing with the pot smoker. And start getting along with people you want to be. Start getting along with people who do not weed. Slowly, you will not be interested in blunt acting because you will eventually become like a new top five friend.

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