Smoking is the only way to be beyond the puff!

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November 14, 2016

Smoking is the only way to be beyond the puff!

In almost every aspect of this vast world, the younger generation is advised to follow the old wit. But why exactly do we object to it? This is obviously controversial due to the youth and rebellious natural processes. I will spend time in one of the upcoming eras, especially when I stand close to the Young Men group and become self-deprecated. You are likely to hear them ‘Friends can I do the puff? I went bankrupt today! ‘ Discussions will continue in all sorts of dirty languages ​​that are used to tell nobody about smoking subjects.

The next thing you’ll hear is about a particular club filled with passionate women and beer in certain parts of the city. I wonder if modern child care is a problem or what is happening now. They say that youth is the future of the country or the world. It is a statement that brings many side effects to the reality of youth. The rules have changed. Both men and women smoke because of the same reason to cope with modern life stress.

For example, young women, who are chain smokers, have all expectations that society will become a responsible mother in the future. But what if you smoke to prove the power of a woman’s nature to give birth to an obese baby? Does she try to smoke a cigarette while looking overly puffy, even making her an inaccessible skirt in town? Will you still nag you when you have that deadly breast cancer? I do not, but only anger will kill her first.

The truth is that cigarette smoking is harmful to any victim, regardless of gender. Even a cigarette smoker is blinded by the “shitty thing” and says there is no time to read the warning text written on the packet. You can stop / stop smoking very much. Man must present reason and direction in his life. Love to extend your life because this can spend more time with your loved ones.

Imagine that you are a parent. Imagine that you will die of cancer when you go left from your lungs. Through various steps of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, we prevented malignant cancer cells from spreading.

There is a sad love on their faces when your doctor tells you that your doctor is too late to save you and that you will be alive a few days. Why is anyone capable of stubborn thinking about asking for puffs? Regardless of what others are arguing, the day is harmful. Do not wait to build a house, buy an elegant sports car, get a terrifying ticket, quit smoking habits, and learn something else. Stress coping skills are natural.

Please do not lower your chances of getting tuberculosis, please visit college today. Almost every young man will understand what I’m talking about because he has a strange big cough because of the puff. Life is a priveledge in some way, and if you decide to end soon, if you want to keep stubborn, ask your rehabilitation center or special campaign for immediate help.

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