Smoking for Dicrease Weight

Quit Smoking Benefits
September 23, 2016

Smoking for Dicrease Weight

There is no way to successfully quit smoking. Often rewarding craving is a scary objector to those who fear weight gain. The main cause of weight gain is an increase in food intake. Taste and smell hidden by cigarette consumption are enlarged. It is a great time to find and enjoy a true taste of food! Follow our advice.
A few tips
Managing cravings: Ex smokers need to analyze their eating habits and look at the person as good or bad to understand the reasons for weight gain. It should be remembered that smoking cessation itself is less liable than increased food intake due to reduced energy metabolism. Reasoning a person is more likely to fill the gap by succumbing to cravings.
A balanced meal and joy plan: Who has not seen the famous food pyramid? The broadest base, vegetables and fruits. Sweets and other saturated sugars, salt and / or fat on top. All of these foods are part of a balanced diet. There is no forbidden food. However, it is best to eat modestly at the top of the pyramid.
Making snacks: The best way is to snack on snacks. It can be composed of various foods. The important thing is to learn to listen to and measure the greed. So you can control his urge and snack is not an orgy.
Do not skip meals. If you are hungry, you should eat your body regularly. And if he does not get the amount of food he needs, he will not understand what is going on and he will be attacked by a desire that can not control eating fat or sugar-rich food.
Alcohol consumption limitations: Alcoholic beverages are often filled with calories, in addition to being associated with cigarettes. Two reasons to limit consumption and not put the line at risk.
Increase physical activity: You can join the gym and exercise for health. When you come out of the office, stop at the bus stop in front of your home 1 or 2 stops and walk home to get a good breath and good health.
Morning walk: If you’re a lazy person, it is bad for your health to get rid of all laziness. Morning walks can be chosen by choosing green places such as parks or green roads. It will give your lungs fresh air and you will be fresh all day long.
Sports Activities: You can enjoy all types of cricket, football or outdoor games. It makes you stronger and increases your stamina. Choose a game without choosing a type of game that does not require physical activity, such as chess, carombo, or video games. Playing games can keep you healthy and nervous. .
Participate in dance classes: If you enjoy dancing, you can participate in dance classes and end the postponement. It gives you less fat and you are full of confidence.

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