Self Talk: Essentials of Self Help

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September 17, 2016

Self Talk: Essentials of Self Help

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” You can remember this slogan used by the United Negro Fund. I have spent more time on TV for years. It was memorized by the message of subconscious by many bums. But the mind is a terrible thing to waste as well as African Americans. Everyone has powerful tools in their heads. Whether or not we can maximize our abilities is our responsibility. We are what we think. But we must think that the process works well. Many people use their minds to be influenced by the opposite. How disgusting they are and how they do not deserve to be treated fairly. What I want to emphasize is that if you try to help yourself to personal growth, you have to learn to control the thoughts that go into your mind and you have to talk to yourself to do it.
Self-talk is that people often do not stock a lot. Talkers laugh and simulate the process by telling people that they are their own. People often make fun of old people who speak out loud when they remember things to do or try to remember how to do something, and tell their way to the end. Self-talk is not fun. It is something someone needs to admire about someone. If someone sees what he is saying, he can be sure that he will succeed in what he is trying to do.
When determining the goal to achieve or achieve, it is important that continuous notifications are delivered through the mind for success. Changing habits is a difficult process. Because we have learned how to work repeatedly and repeatedly. We no longer need to be notified because we have learned it. Perform automatically. We may need reminders to inform you of the change until we learn enough to act. Your story is that. We talk about what we want to do in a positive and inspiring way as we try to achieve our goals or change our habits.
When we decide to practice self-help, we must use tools to succeed. It is very difficult for yourself to help change. The most successful people who have undergone significant changes have support systems that support what they need to do. Support systems, a large number of friends and family or others who face the same dilemma are encouraged by positive insights, praise, and other intense stories of change or change to be achieved. Without a support system, when we are making a change on our own, we need to speak out loud and talk quietly to ourselves to support every moment. We try to keep on doing good things, but we have to try to keep on making changes, no matter how many mistakes we make.
We need to talk each time we plan how to achieve our goals. We can not succeed without it. We may need to write down a short confirmation that we have performed as planned or that we can perform as planned, and then practice a few times to make the necessary changes. Some habits are difficult to break. We can not be discouraged by failures or mistakes, and we must continue to use positive self-story in our personal growth journey. At first it is helpful to keep it short and sweet.
A short, easy-to-remember short sentence in the first few days helps you remember what you need to know. Let’s say you smoke a cigarette. You can repeat this self-story repeatedly.
I can quit smoking.
I will quit smoking.
Smoking will improve your health.
My goal is to stop smoking.
I will not smoke.
I know that this is helpful because I quit smoking and a cold turkey broke my leg and prevented cigarettes from healing my bones. My surgeon said that if they do not quit smoking, they will not have the surgery needed for bone transplants. He said that if I continue smoking, I will not be healed. So if I do not finish, why do I have to do surgery? I quit cold turkey. I waited about two years for a leg to cure the wheelchair, kept a high leg at home, and could not do much, but waited for healing. I was able to quit smoking, and I used this reminder to let myself know the importance of quitting smoking. After smoking, the second bone graft was finally accepted and the broken bone began to heal.
This self-talk can work for all the changes we need to make. If we need to lose weight, we will try to find the right self-story through trial and error, eat a balanced diet and add everyday exercise to our everyday lives before we succeed. The real key to success is to continually reinforce using self-talk. We must congratulate every accomplishment we make by acknowledging success with our own story. When we talk about ourselves, we remind ourselves that we can make things happen. Positive sense is one of the most useful tools we possess.
If you need additional reinforcement, you can always write your notes and place them where you can strategically use them most. If you put the scale in the kitchen near the refrigerator, you can remind yourself that when you are bored or lonely, you are just eating nowadays as well as when you are hungry before you open the refrigerator for food. Leaving notes can remind you that you no longer eat chips and cheese as a snack. Instead, I decided to eat a crisp apple as a snack.
Writing your car’s visor can also be useful in reminding you that you are changing your habits. You can write that you do not go to fast food anymore. This simple reminder means that you can continue to take home a healthy, planned lunch on an empty calorie fast food heap. And changing your diet is not good for your conversation.
Reminding you to take a break if you feel negatively in your life is always a great help in inducing relaxation breathing. Learning to start to breathe comfort when you are stressed can use magnetic torque to tighten your shoulders or neck. In his words, “If you feel a strain in your neck, I should practice breathing relaxation.” If you continue practicing breathing like this, it will eventually happen automatically.
If you want to save money, use your own conversation to remind you that you will not buy any more trivial instant-on purchases at lunchtime. If you use your mind to help you without disturbing you, you can make a difference in your lifestyle. Even if you make a mistake and sometimes fail, you should make a mistake now. Unless we abandon our new habits, we have no habit of doing anything. If you memorize the number of times Einstein failed or the quote for Ben Franklin or Alexander Graham Bell, you can use the quote to focus on a hard day.
The more you use yourself, the more you ask for help. Believe me, it is the power of mind that will allow your self help program to work if we use a given tool. You do not have to buy anything cool to remember your changes. You do not need to tie strings around your fingers. When you talk to yourself, you have everything you need to make a difference. Just remember the quotation “It’s terrible that the mind is wasted” and use your words to remind yourself.

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