Quit smoking and save your life

Quit Smoking Benefits
September 17, 2016

Quit smoking and save your life

Many religions compare the body to the temple, which is very noble and virtuous comparison. You will not deliberately ruin your house. Because you like dirty things. But perhaps you are too lazy to clean it.

The bigger the mess, the better. This is very similar to smoking in many ways.

Smoking is confusing and smoking more time makes it harder to stop smoking. And any kind of dirt that can be collected in the house will cause illness.

Some things that actually go into the lungs make you feel sick like tar, bleach, ammonia, paint, butane, and arsenic. Yes, arsenic is the same arsenic used to poison and kill people.

Basically smoking a cigarette is equivalent to applying a mild poison directly to the lungs for 3 minutes. Eventually you will die and everyone will be able to do it sooner if you smoke.

In addition to causing incurable lung cancer and frightening people, tobacco will do many things to the body. For example, it will contaminate the brain and become clogged with tar.

If you have not seen smokers ‘brains, search Google for “smokers’ brains.” It would be helpful if you want to be scared immediately from smoking.

In fact, tobacco users have fewer neuro-receptors in the brain, indicating that brain function is slower than the average brain. It may seem like a pretty cynical judge, but it’s actually a scientific fact. Sorry.

Can you quit smoking in any way other than notifying yourself in all ways of killing you? Perhaps you can learn some self-control. Then there is the cigarette help hotline. Or you can start to feel your cravings with other things like coffee or chocolate.

The best way is to capture your mind with constructive thinking. At any time you will tell people not to think about something you can not think of.

So instead of thinking “do not smoke” think of something productive and constructive. Smoking will kill you. And it is true. It is better to quit later.

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