Pros and Cons of Video Games

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November 9, 2016

Pros and Cons of Video Games

With the advent of new and better technologies, video game companies have a greater ability to create addictive games that are deeper, more narrative, and more socially interactive. Despite general belief, video games can be just an addictive form of entertainment and transition. Many people say that this game can make people unable to function as responsible and productive members of society, but in fact can prove to be very beneficial.

Many children today use video games as aids, so they can use educational video games as they study at school. These games work really well and are effective in teaching children various academic skills. Video games have also been developed and designed that require techniques such as remembering, inducing, memorizing, reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition and mapping.

Other benefits of video games for children include the ability to contribute to athletic, socializing and endurance skills. It is true that video games can not physically harm children compared to smoking, alcoholism and obesity that come with chronic overeating. Home video games are very popular around the world. Like television, computerized gaming systems are almost indispensable in homes with children.

Video games facilitate coordination between the eyes and hands. Children learn to synchronize movement between the two. Video games teach attention to details such as clues, behavior memorization, sequences, and use brain in connection with strategies to apply. Most games can be enjoyed on their own as well as in pairs, so children can have fun with their parents or friends. It can be a way to limit bad friend relationships and keep them indoors. They are constantly being monitored.

Too much is bad. If we looked at the other side of it, video games have negative effects on children if used without control. If parents can not control their children in relation to video games, they can waste their time for leisure and study. Their ability to perform on specific topics at school may be weakened and video games may increase the lack of concentration.

His interest in other important activities such as sports can be lowered. Violent games teach violent behavior. Video games are not good for children depending on how we use them as parents. They can certainly be more informative than teaching skills and watching movies. Visit and choose your favorite video game.

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