Post hypnosis suggestion – all you need to know

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September 1, 2016

Post hypnosis suggestion – all you need to know

Hypnosis was accepted by the AMA in 1958 as an effective plan to treat stress and stress-related symptoms. Is it really effective? What should a person find when looking for a hypnotic technician or buying a Hypnotherapy CD?

There are many noteworthy hypnotic methodologies used to reach unconsciousness to make a difference. Each method has positive and negative. Because everyone is different, the best results come from using the way in which each person responds favorably.

Most companies that sell hypnotic records provide programs that consist of standard traditional hypnosis techniques. A few sellers offer a much more up-to-date and effective Ericksonian hypnosis method. And some still provide neural language programming methods.

The most powerful technology is video hypnosis. Video hypnosis triggers a rapid change in people based on the latest Neuro-Linguistic Programming mental pattern. The video hypnotic method is not inherently subconscious.

With “traditional hypnosis”, we simply make suggestions about unconscious minds. If you are curious, as long as I am concerned, the term unconscious and subconscious can not be distinguished as referring to the same part of the mind. The last suggestion of this type usually works well for someone who accepts what he / she says.

Most of the hypnosis programs sold today are based on the “traditional hypnosis” methodology. This is because you do not need much experience creating scripts and giving orders to someone. Unfortunately, traditional proposal therapy is not very practical for analytical people in the thinking process.

By contrast, Ericksonian hypnosis and neural language programming methods work better for most of today’s generation! Because today people learn to ask everything they see and hear rather than being commanded. Therefore, this method works effectively for people who are critical or analytical in the thinking process.

This method is much more effective in reaching unconscious minds and influencing it. However, learning how to apply these methods with high success rates requires years of experience. A truly dedicated hypnotist is the only acceptable challenge.

Using “Eric Sonian Hypnosis” we use a small story called metaphor to introduce new ideas into the unconscious mind. This is an attractive method because it usually eliminates the mental block of suggestions that often occur due to conscious minds. There are two types of metaphors: “Isomorphic” and an embedded command or “industrial” nature.

The same type of metaphor leads to the unconscious mind by making a moral story. The unconscious mind draws a one-to-one relationship between the part of the story and the part of the bad act. For example, if a child lies a lot, the parent can tell the child about the “wolf-boy”. The unconscious mind will stop lying, perhaps because the boy in the story will be in parallel with the child, and if you lie, you will realize that it can cause disaster.

Through the Embedded Command technology, hypnotherapists tell stories about unconsciousness. Metaphors include hidden direct suggestions that are generally accepted by unconscious minds. For example: While the person is in hypnosis, he can usually hear the hypno-therapist say the following: I will tell you … [Emotional beach. Is it … you … is it weird? Warm summer day. The beach is very nice.

The hypnotist pauses, changes his voice pitch, and emphasizes the text in brackets. The unconscious mind recognizes “selective violation of limits”. There is no emotion on the beach. So the unconscious mind speaks for itself: “Wait, the beach can not feel anything, it must mean that I am supposed to feel greatness.”

Since the proposal is buried in an article that guides the conscious mind in the wrong direction, it is unlikely that it will realize that it has received a hypnotic suggestion, so it will not stop or resist it.

The process guidelines instruct the unconscious addict to remem- ber past events that have had appropriate learning experience in the past and apply appropriate experience to correct current negative behaviors.

“Neuro Linguistic Programming” (NLP) uses a mindset to create problems such as nail biting and stress to solve problems rather than using suggestions. NLP in the hands of a trained and experienced hypnotherapist can be very effective.

NLP Anchoring: Have you ever heard old music and caused feelings of the past? When you originally listened to the song, you were feeling that feeling, and they were unconsciously attached to the sound of the melody. So music became an anchor for emotions. Now when you hear the song, it triggers the same feeling again.

Anchoring can be a very effective technique. Suppose you have a praise for getting great achievements in the past. If you revive that memory, you can revive your self-esteem. When you experience self-esteem again, if you touch two fingers at the same time, the feeling becomes an anchor to self-esteem.

Now, suppose you want to be motivated to lose weight and stick to diet. If you create your own mental image with thin and sexy body and activate an anchor at the same time (press two fingers again), the unconscious mind connects the feeling of self-esteem with you to the mental image. Your body is thin and your motivation to lose weight is dramatically increased I will.

NLP Flash: This is a very powerful and effective neural language programming method that can be used to unconsciously move your mind, so the stressful thoughts and experiences actually lead to relaxation.

The NLP flash method is also very effective at destroying the conditional response. Example: If a smoker smokes while watching TV, he or she unconsciously connects the two actions to force a strong cigarette automatically whenever you watch TV. With flash, smokers can separate their cigarette images from their TVs and avoid smoking while watching TV.

When you use the “Subliminal” method, there are two different tracks in the recording. You can hear rituals on one track. Cover sounds range from music to natural sound. The second track contains a direct command that sounds unconsciously. This suggestion is repeated many times during the session.

Stable programs can be played in the background while you work, or you can be confused by watching TV or other activities. You do not have to stop what you are doing and relax as you do with a self hypnotic CD. Subliminals can be added to hypnotherapy programs. But Subliminals will never replace hypnosis or NLP because they are not effective! They do not compare in any way !! Some studies have claimed that it can affect many people before it takes 80 hours to hear the subconscious tape.

The last hypnotic method we are going to talk about is video hypnosis. Video Hypnosis is the most efficient form of hypnosis!

The method used for video hypnosis is based on a neural language programming technique that works by taking advantage of a person’s existing thought patterns instead of direct instruction.

More than 70% of planets learn faster and easier than they hear and see.

Think about it. The reason I feel the urge to eat or smoke when I watch television is because I have unconsciously recorded a video image in my hand or a cigarette in my hand and then I linked that image to the television image. You have never spoken to yourself, and you have told yourself to relate them. Is not it true?

So video hypnosis technology is effective. It depends on colloquialism and is not hypnotized in the traditional sense. Rather, it relies on the unconscious mind transferring images. And if you’ve ever cried when you saw a sad TV show, you can see how effective video hypnosis is when reaching unconscious minds. Using this technique usually results from the first view.

Video Hypnosis / NLP forms are sold under the brand name of Neuro-VISION. Reprogram the unconscious mind through a state-of-the-art simulation process. This will release your cravings and tensions, allow smokers to quit without willpower, and allow dieters to lose their desires and appetite. The results begin with the first sight!

(C) 2007 By Alan B. Densky, CH.

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