New cushion flex deck brings cutting edge development to unique F80 treadmill

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October 4, 2016

New cushion flex deck brings cutting edge development to unique F80 treadmill

When looking at a fitness treadmill these days it can be difficult to determine the real reward to differentiate one treadmill machine at a later time. Nearly every product includes basic features and functionality that help you perform a workout, but you do not have the engineering expertise to deliver real perceptible value to consumers who can not be seen elsewhere. This post demonstrates the new cutting edge know-how that the Sole F80 treadmill offers to the health and fitness market.

Sole Fitness recently launched the innovative Cushion Flex Decks in its unique collection of treadmills. This system offers all the stability you would expect from a first-class fitness treadmill but provides a comfortable cushioning feeling when walking or jogging the track. Outsole Cushion FlexiDeck system was rated “the best in the industry” by top-rated college, reducing asphalt impact by 37% over walking or jogging. Obviously this type of modern technology is suitable for users with legs, hips and other joint problems, and can finally exercise and not worry that the next exercise will break past permanent injuries. People without previous joint pain can also use these types of unique techniques to confidently train joint pressure to be significantly reduced.

Another category topping feature of the Sole F80 is definitely the “Whisper Deck” design. Nearly all decks use phenolic coatings to reduce noise to reduce noise. Sole also integrates this particular system, but in combination with proprietary proprietary engineering, has developed a quiet, whispering deck, as its name suggests.

The rotation of the deck was common between the past treadmill machines because the wood deck has been worn on one side through use over time. In fact, the deck must be turned over to improve the life expectancy of the treadmill machine. This routine maintenance method is equally long and difficult and can irritate individuals. The deck has a lifetime warranty and is not only satisfactory to the user, but also does not wear out on the manufacturer enough not to exercise, so the S80 can not solve this problem.

With all these breakthroughs, you’ll wonder how much reliability can be compromised. But because Sole is confident in its design, he has backed the Sole F80 treadmill review with a lifetime warranty that he often does not see with many other brands. Providing this type of warranty for unique engineering functions may only be possible if Sole is 100% confident about the life and sustainability of the equipment.

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