Lung Care – Smoking Facts

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November 20, 2016

Lung Care – Smoking Facts

Bad smoking

An array of chronic diseases and other complications are associated with smoking and time and time. Lung cancer is part of the pyramid, but there are many things that are not yet discovered, and more and more diseases are associated with burning nicotine. All health agencies around the world have strengthened their bad response to smoking, but the business boom continues to grow in recent years.

Advertising on a recent cigarette may have been a good step to reduce the number of smokers, but long-term smokers were not affected at all. This is because, according to recent studies, most cigarette brands are affected by changes in packaging.

Smoking is the root cause of lung cancer.

Lung cancer can be the result of long-term smoking. In fact, most cases of lung cancer come from current smokers. There are at least 4000 chemicals in one cigarette stick, which are very dangerous to our overall health. It is not only a major cause of lung cancer, it may also cause some of the most chronic lung conditions.

Smoking can cause an allergic reaction.

Recent studies on the main effects of smoking show at least 30 major side effects, one of which is the onset of allergies. The more people get older, the less intolerant of many foods can be, even if they are not allergic when they are young.

When you start smoking, the safest foods, such as pork and fruit, are more likely to cause unwanted allergies. There are many ways to control smoking, but whether it is effective depends on the decision of the person.

You can kill your child because you smoke.

Passive smoking is more dangerous than direct smoking. For example, it is better not to expose a child to the smoke of a cigarette, because it may be the cause of many chronic illnesses for children when inhaled, such as who autopsies and their family.

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