How to stop smoking now

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September 16, 2016

How to stop smoking now

What is the best way to quit smoking now? If we answer this question, there will not be many people who can not quit smoking and still can not quit smoking. There is research going on to find out if a person can quit smoking now if the rewards are high enough.

In the US and Europe, research is underway to pay someone to stop smoking. The underlying theme of this method is to consider future money to be spent on health care, even if it appears to be a bribe.

Money is a great motive. How many reality shows have you seen on TV showing how far people will go for money? So is it that far to think that money can motivate people to stop smoking now?

About 200 women stopped smoking in one part of Scotland, according to Reuters. Last year, only six people stopped smoking. The idea should keep on catching.

As research continues in the best way people can find to help break the cigarettes now, there have been many that are still in trial stage. For example, one is a promise of a nicotine vaccine, but is still being tested. Many products on the market today (gums, patches, nasal sprays, lozenges, etc.) do not seem to perform this trick. Still, many people smoke and start smoking every day.

When you decide to quit, you will find that you count the work since you quit. In fact, you will have the time to start. The first time, the first four hours, the first day, and the first week are all important milestones. When you work a few weeks past a month, you may think you have accomplished what you need to do. This may be true for some, but others are in danger.

When you plan your smoking cessation and plan the first anniversary, you will think you can control everything and have only one cigarette. So there are so many people who have stopped working again. The process to stop this habit is six months or a year. It is an eternal process.

People who stopped smoking 20 years ago still want to smoke, but most people know what they do not do when they decide to stop. If you quit smoking now, you can only think about the present, but it is not the present. This is an addiction, just like an alcoholic who can not drink without drinking.

If you have set your mind to quit smoking now, you can never surrender to the temptation to have a cigarette. This is to restart the whole process. One man leads others, others and others.

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