How to become a genius with high intelligence

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November 8, 2016

How to become a genius with high intelligence

How to improve your intelligence

Intelligence enhancement is one of the most important goals that humans pursue. Think about what you can do with high IQ: raise your grades, advance to a better university, get a better job, get promoted faster, make better friends, and so on. Obviously, IQ is pretty stereotyped here because you do not necessarily have to give these things to you. But it helps wisely.

Can I increase IQ and intelligence? The answer is certain. Genius construction techniques are actually used by both modern philosophers and geniuses, all of which are rooted in ancient Greek tradition. In particular, the philosopher Socrates invented a way for people to extract sensational and inspirational ideas in a particular way of thinking. So intelligence-boosting technology is not new in the 21st century. They have been used by thousands of people in the past and have kept the test and evidence of time.

In this article, I would like to teach you the practical steps to increase intelligence in the stratosphere. I’ll start by explaining how intelligence works.

The thoughts in your head that are the main basis for raising your intelligence are not really created by you. You do not create, control, or modify them. Instead, you actually receive them from deep hidden sources in your mind. Scientists call this the mind of subconsciousness and the idea actually came. The increase in intelligence is increasing the established relationship with the subconscious. It is because the mind moves with consciousness and subconscious mind. The mind of subconscious is even related to unconscious thinking. This is more commonly known in the universal mind, and this ultimate level of mind permeates all living and inanimate objects. And before I forget to mention, I do not speak in New Age or metaphysical terms. I am speaking from a genius point of view.

Intelligence enhancement is therefore a matter of building a much more solid relationship between different areas of the mind, so problems with inspiration and genius may come forward. Universal Mind occurs because it is the center of all knowledge. The more we connect, the greater the inspiration we can get.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to be a genius that a genius idea exists in the head and consciously exists. It has a 180-190 IQ, but that’s just to “appropriately” use your high intelligence to reveal genuine genius. For example, you have a normal level of intelligence, but people can become very rich. On the other hand, there are smart people but poor people.

So genius intelligence is certainly beneficial in life, but it must be combined with the way of doing the right thing, so genius appears physically.

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