Great app to help you quit smoking

Quit Smoking Benefits
September 21, 2016

Great app to help you quit smoking

Do you want to quit smoking? But do not you know where to start? Apps are a cost-effective way to start your journey to smoke. You probably know that there are a lot of apps on the market that target people who want to quit smoking. But do you really know what is worth the time and money? Each app has its own way of stopping smoking and helping you achieve your goals.
This article details which apps help stop addiction, and which features are included in mobile applications.
These apps are not in a particular order.
1. Exit Pro
Quit Pro is a very unique app that shows you where to smoke and why you are acting. Whether you are hungry, tired, or have feelings, your app can identify things that can not be removed and identify which activities can be swapped. This is really interesting when you give up as you help to cause fundamental problems in nicotine habits. This app provides an opportunity to monitor your progress and share it with your friends and family. By showing your progress since you became a smoker in the past, you may feel excited about the changes in your life and your family and friends can be assured that you are doing the right thing.
2. Exit light
Quit It Lite is a free, highly motivated app. It shows how much money you have saved since you decided to give up, the day you did not smoke and your overall tar intake. The app also shows you the health benefits of kicking your habits. Each health benefit makes you think twice about cigarettes by showing you how long you have quit and how your overall health is getting better. Quit It Lite gives you the opportunity to share your success online with friends via Twitter, Facebook or email. This is a cool aspect of the app. It is a great way to help yourself in situations like friends. Once you stop, you can motivate others to quit smoking.
3. Tobacco smoke (free)
The cigarette smoke app is completely out of the cigarette box (no joke). It basically imitates you smoking a real cigarette but it does not harm you. A virtual cigarette pack appears on the screen. Smoke and put in your mouth. After that you will grab your cell phone with your mouth and suck & blow the microphone. It indicates that you blow up the microphone and the ash gets brighter. And after hearing you fly, smoke comes out. As technology becomes a huge entity in their lives, this can potentially work in the late teens and 20s. It may seem a little bit out there, but if it is free and it can save somebody’s life, why not?
4. LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach
With LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach App, you can plan to easily personalize your needs and habits. With this app, you can immediately stop smoking or gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke. It is a great way to help people as if everyone can not quit smoking at any given moment. With the app, you can upload your own personalized motivational message, whether it’s a warm feeling or a positive message. This app gives you all the controls you need to help you give up once and only good.
5. Stop smoking – Mindfulness meditation app
The most difficult part of stopping smoking is having the will to stop the cessation indefinitely. This app focuses on how meditation and positive attitudes can help you. With in-app purchasing features, you can start the meditation process, so you can remove tobacco from your life with these packs. Most people smoke when they are stressed at work or at home, and with this app, they can meditate and practice calmly to avoid smoking.
6. Stop Smoking – Stop smoking now and quit smoking.
Smoke Free apps have over 20 different technologies based on evidence that people can quit smoking. It is almost like a scientific experiment, but totally voluntary for the user. All data is anonymous, so everything is legitimate through experiments. To see how well your progress has been handled, apps provide user badges and achievements to motivate and ultimately quit. The dashboard updates the period of non-smoking and the number of non-cigarettes to two levels.
7. Aspiring craving
The desire to crave is all about you, and it allows you to establish your goals and keep track of them on smartphone alerts. This application provides a visual and audio playlist and a list of exercises to keep you working and nightly repercussions to motivate you to continue your life without nicotine. These instructions will be given to you every day and give you the right tools to quit smoking forever.
It also has a premium version, which you pay after the first 21 days of instructions are over.
8. NHS Smoking Cessation
The NHS Stop smoking app is developed and sponsored by the National Health Service in the UK. As developed by the NHS, you can get a lot of support because it provides direct phone calls to the national health helpline. Your app keeps track of your health from the start, so you can monitor where it eventually goes. The NHS smoking cessation app includes people who have abandoned information and habits about others in your situation. There is also a real-time tracking program to monitor your health since you decide to quit smoking.
Which one do you choose?
We highlighted eight popular apps that help people stop smoking. Each can provide something else. It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re on the right track, as LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach app is a good combination of customization and structure.

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