Electronic Cigarette and Cold Turkey Method: Perfect Duo for Smoking

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November 16, 2016

Electronic Cigarette and Cold Turkey Method: Perfect Duo for Smoking

A ton of written material has been written to talk about various easy and proven effective ways to quit smoking. But to date, except for the innovation of electronic cigarettes, there is really nothing really effective in helping smokers walk bad habits. In fact, there are many articles and a large number of reports, as well as how frequent and religiously the smokers read it, and it is difficult to realize the dream because of the smoking cessation.

Evolution of tobacco from electronics to tradition

Thanks to the ingenious creativity of medical researchers in the tobacco industry, we have developed innovative smoking methods without creating smokeless cigarettes or harming the health of cigarettes known as traditional electronic cigarettes.

Various smoking cessation methods

In fact, there is a “cold turkey” method that allows you to avoid cigarette smoking without having to smoke in many ways without smoking. Alternatively, you can slowly and surely do that by gradually reducing the amount of smoke cigarette sticks you smoke each day. Doing this regularly and constantly makes your symptoms disappear without sniffing your cigarette smoke. Then I try to smoke an electronic cigarette to make it easier to finish.

The result of using the Cold Turkey method

And if you simply quit smokers before and do a simple study of electronic cigarette reviews that are available online, or perhaps you ask around, you can use the second method to see that no one has successfully and effectively quit smoking. The success of the “cold turkey method” would not be possible without two characteristics related to smoking habits. A physical smoker who is totally immersed in various tobacco substances such as nicotine; A psychological case that has only a moderated or premeditated response at a certain time and situation while doing daily work.

Proven Benefits of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

In fact, electronic cigarettes are not only a cigarette but also a good reason to quit smoking. First, with electronic cigarettes, you can rest assured.
It will not harm your health because it no longer sucks toxic substances from traditional tobacco such as nicotine, tar, glue, and so on. Above all, it is environmentally friendly as well as socially responsible. It is the fact that it does not pollute the air or smokes second-hand smoke to second-hand smokers to release toxic smoke.

Cold turkish way and hand in hand electronic cigarette

Finally, remember that smoking with a “cold turkey method” is a sure way to achieve your goal of quitting smoking. But with electronic cigarettes, you can quit smoking and get your habit to succeed twice at once.

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