Do you want to smoke?

Quit Smoking Benefits
October 16, 2016

Do you want to smoke?

People are quickly aware of the health risks of smoking, and it is natural that they would like to kick nicotine habits to lead a healthy and quit-free life. But stopping smoking is not as easy as it sounds to know how many people have been there. Two widely accepted methods are followed by people who generally want to give up smoking. The first one is gradually stopping. It is time to cut off the cigarette, set the date to quit, and steadily reduce it. The other is the cold turkey method. In other words, it is a way to stop smoking suddenly one day and not to touch another cigarette again. But this requires a lot of self-control and power. We will give you some tips to help you achieve the turkey laws.
First, when you decide to break the cigarettes forever, stand with your words. Do not drink puffs once. If you take as much as one drag, all the squares are waiting. Nicotine affects the brain and grows to millions of nicotine receptors in almost 11 regions. Even though your mind’s nicotine causes dopamine / adrenaline poisoning and increases alertness, chemical dependence on the substance is very real. Do not fool yourself. “You only puff once” – not possible. You can say that you want to stop smoking.
Be prepared to experience an emotional loss. Nicotine addiction is eventually intense and repetitive. For many years your body has become a condition that can depend on it. You are faced with emotional confusion at the same stage as telling you that you are going to negate (you feel like you do not need to quit smoking from the beginning), anger (both you and everyone around you), negotiation (you will take only one puff) (Weekly breaks with no nicotine), depression (low and generally feel a dump), acceptance (about the fact that you have to quit), and complacency. Remember that this emotional journey is necessary and a healthy part of your recovery.
For health, do not skip meals and drink plenty of acidic fruit juice for the first three days. We suggest cranberry juice that can help speed up the 72 hours needed to remove aloe nicotine from the body and stabilize blood sugar. Exercise slowly repairs damage to your body through smoking for many years. If possible, get a moral support by making friends who can stop smoking or by getting support from someone who has already followed the habit.
Perhaps your body realizes that you can crave nicotine in a certain place, event, or time. Maybe going to a bar would like to brighten you. If you avoid such triggers, they will go backward in an effort to quit smoking. Practice deep breathing and compensate for small milestones. If you have been smoking for a month, go to the restaurant and eat and stay in the smoking area.

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