Do you think smoking is serious?

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October 26, 2016

Do you think smoking is serious?

Why are all the articles you read, all the advertisements you see, and almost anything designed to help you quit smoking? 99% of articles read when quitting smoking seem to have been written by someone trying to sell it to someone to help quit smoking. Come on? Why can not everyone be honest about the whole idea of ​​stopping smoking and can not say that they have everything they need to stop smoking because of their nature. If you think about smoking seriously, you can do it without spending a dime.
Before I thought I was totally full of bluff, I am here. I smoked a cigarette a day for at least 15 years and once smoked. And I did it without writing a cent red cents. And there was no negative with drawls or any other negative influence. I simply quit smoking. Did I ever want to smoke? Of course I did, but I would not have it. In the process of stopping, I realized it was normal to smoke. I mean my body is used to having one for God! Someone will get used to it for 15 years. The bottom line is that I stopped and I know you can do it. Below you can find a list of things that you think are important in stopping smoking.

Change your mind – right. You have to change your mind about smoking and smoking cessation. It tells how hard everyone is. Do not buy that thing. Explain to yourself that it will end as easily as it starts. Remember this quote. “Change the way you look at your changing and changing appearance.”

Changing the surroundings – especially from the beginning, it was important to avoid smoking. I did not go to the place where everyone smoked. I stopped hanging around smokers for a long time. I was as far away from smokers as possible. I changed my job (smoked job for many people).

Do not believe a drug addict – there is an exaggerated story that stops smoking. I want to convince you that everyone has a hard idea to quit. I’m telling you that the experience is not that difficult. Smoking will be as difficult as you “believe”. It’s that simple. Hype is all designed to make it easier for you to sell something home. Drug addiction is just a big sales machine.

Hopefully these tips will help kick cancer bars at once. It was really simple that for me, I know that I will be for you as well. What you think is a key factor. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Man is made according to his beliefs. You can think that you smoked and licked.

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