Case studies involving the use of hypnotic therapy for weight control

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September 2, 2016

Case studies involving the use of hypnotic therapy for weight control

Mark came to see me, suggesting weight problems. He said that he did not know his & lsquo; Due to the depiction of voracious & rsquo; felt 3 stone overweight. appetite. He was a vegetarian and always hungry. On the weekends, two young boys will stay and he will have to make separate food to eat his own food. Throughout the day he constantly fried French bread, potato chips and nuts and drank carbonated drinks.
Mark was 44 years old and had a relationship with Sarah. They lived apart and lived far apart. He felt increasingly uncomfortable and self-conscious about his weight gain and felt physically awkward during love making. He lost confidence and felt he was influencing his opinion. His mental state was aggravated by his constant snack, and he was spiraling downward.
Customer’s goal of treatment expectation
He said he wanted to suppress his snack and reduce his part and lose the target weight of at least one stone.
My goal as a therapist
My goal was to help him adjust his food intake. I also said he did not enjoy life, but he wanted to introduce the workout in his life. I decided to encourage my country trekking with my girlfriends, ride bikes with my sons, and use it as a means of introducing exercise without being seen hard.
We conducted four sessions with rapid and progressive induction using hypnotic analysis, zestal, suggestions, metaphors, timelines, and NLP.
Treatment 1
In the initial interview, we set his goals and collected detailed profiles of his lifestyle, family life, social life, and relationship with Sarah. We confirmed his part was out of control, and his ability to restrain from constant snacking exceeded him. We have determined that he should be able to control and consume food only during mealtimes. We also decided that he should control his obsessive eating. We have separated certain foods that we can remove by disgusting what we dislike in the current diet. I hate Mark for integrating the movement into the regime we were creating, but I discussed how we can do more with less work. I suggested walking around the country roads and biking along with my sons, taking a romantic stroll with my girlfriend and enjoying the beautiful scenery. He seemed obedient to this. I talked a few things about the hypnotic process and how it worked. We are ready to meet in the next week and then twice.
Treatment 2
During the second meeting, I took him to hypnosis. First, we saw a fork on the road, and the lower fork symbolized moving underneath a timeline that had no adjustments to his current lifestyle. We saw a timeline on his uphill fork to control what he eats and lost his weight.
I wrote a script that focused on his life, eating, eating and how he ate. I made bread visible on a dish that symbolizes all the breads he likes to eat. I did likewise using ice cream, chips and potato chips. I tasted him, smelled him, changed the texture he spitters, and let him taste the other one. I then brought him in hypnosis. And we prepared the next session for six weeks as he was going to have a vacation for a month.
Treatment 3
Mark was very pleased with the outcome of the hypnosis session before leaving. He stopped eating at mealtime and reduced his portion in half. He could not eat anything that we disliked him.
He also reported riding a bicycle, playing badminton with his son, and taking a walk with his girlfriend. He lost two stones in his six-week break and was really happy.
Conclusions and Recommendations
Mark was very willing to be hypnotized. He was very easy and enthusiastic to work. His initial expectations aroused anxiety, and as soon as I saw the results, I was very relieved.
Four months later he contacted the clinic about the training program and discussed that he was still doing well and had lost three pounds and three other stones.

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