7 Smoking methods can kill you and your loved ones

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September 25, 2016

7 Smoking methods can kill you and your loved ones

As to cigarette smoking, we all know that it may cause cancer or a heart attack and kill you. These are the most widely known methods of how smoking can kill you.

In addition to widespread damage to our health, tobacco has many other ways to kill you

1. The woman smokes her daughter while smoking a cigarette.

Sometimes you see news reports that make you ask everything. You read it and you can not believe what you see. How could they survive at this point and die in a tragic accident?

A woman of such a suspicious intelligence almost killed her daughter. A 30 – year – old mother tried to smoke a cigarette. She thought the gun was light.

Fortunately, the bullet did not seriously damage her 12-year-old daughter. Smoking is not as fast as a bullet, but it can be fatal. I smoke because I risk my loved ones as well as myself.

2. The children continue to swallow cigarette butts.

As a parent, what you want is to ensure your child’s safety. Sometimes we can risk our lives without realizing it. This is especially true for smoking. Children continue to add up if they smoke or swallow cigarette butts.

Tobacco is very dangerous. Young children like to put everything they find into their mouths. That’s how they explore the world, and tobacco can bring that exploration to a tragic end.

Cigarettes and cigarette butts are dangerous because children can not choke or swallow. There is a risk of being addicted. Children eat both cigarettes and cigarette butts. Almost 8,000 children swallow cigarettes or cigarette butts every year in the United States. This can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, trembling, sweating and hypertension.

Serious addiction can be life-threatening and can cause seizures. So, even if you think that you are taking preventive measures to protect your family without smoking around you are still in danger. Please quit smoking because you may have children who smoke and decide to try their children’s tastes.

3. You can explode.

The explosion is not only in movies, but also in real life. Mostly due to gas leakage or similar reasons. Gas leakage does not cause explosion. I need a spark.

To light a cigarette requires spark gas. Numerous people died from explosions as they smoked and exploded as gas exploded. Smokers can die this way because they are hurt by this habit.

Nicotine addiction damaged not only the lungs and heart but also the heart. If you smoke, your whole body will be damaged and your respiratory system will suffer the most direct damage.

Smokers are not only smell good but smell bad. Tobacco smoke damages your taste and smell. In other words, you can not really enjoy any food, but more importantly, you can prevent gas from smelling if there is a gas leak.

4. You may die.

This should not surprise you. Many people died from falling asleep while smoking. We can sleep in a comfortable chair or bed. They are very flammable.

People are dying because they want to smoke last before they sleep. I knew people who smoke before I wake up every night. He ended up with a collapsed lung.

You may think this will not happen because you never smoke in bed, but depending on the situation, a fiery death may be waiting for you.

Thousands of houses have been burnt down because of thrown away from the windows or abandoned cigarettes. If you throw away the cigarette, it will not disappear. Cigarettes that are discarded in this way sometimes burn their entire apartment or building in the neighborhood.

Wildfires seem to be getting bigger each year. Often this happens because of careless abandoned cigarettes. For this reason, you should be very careful not to kill yourself or others with meaningless habits. Smoking is a much better option.

5. The man died of a cigarette butt.

Woodbine’s practical joker, NJ, gave birth to two daughters with a cigarette butt. No information is available on how to convince victims to quit smoking.

Prankster loaded his gun refill with a cigarette butt and shot a friend. The autopsy later found that three cigarette butts pierced his friend’s ribs over his heart.

It was a terrible tragedy and even a more practical joke, but it works to some extent with extreme demonstrations. It is very important to quit smoking and always comply with safety rules to get rid of this stupid tragedy.

6. If you ask for a cigarette, it will cost you your life.

All smokers who smoke are sometimes smokers. The most crazy thing is that you can identify smokers when you lend them almost without fail.

Smoking can damage the nervous system and skin, and identifying smokers is not difficult. Sometimes such requests may unfortunately be the last thing you ask.

People are killed by tobacco. Is it worth dying for a stick filled with chemical immersion grass? Certainly some people believe so. People are killed because they ask for cigarettes, others are killed because they do not smoke and do not smoke because they do not smoke to smokers.

This is why cigarette smoking has died in the world. Smoking not only kills by poisoning slowly. Smoking can cause death in a number of shocking ways.

7. Smokers have a high risk of sudden death.

The risk of sudden cardiac death is the result of smoking the greatest. Sudden death syndrome is called that way because it does what it says.

You will feel completely okay. You may be examined by doctors and all results are good, but you can die suddenly for no apparent reason. For me, the only more confusing way is voluntary human combustion.

Sudden death syndrome is very confusing because you may feel good and suddenly think you care for yourself … 1 minute You are enjoying your life and next time you will not enjoy it anymore.

Smokers are three times more likely to die from sudden death syndrome. Also, the more you smoke, the greater the risk.

The only way to reduce the chance of death from sudden death syndrome is to stop smoking. If you know more about smoking, you’ll be surprised that people who stop smoking add at least 10 years to their average life expectancy.

Smoking damages the nervous system and increases anxiety and stress. It is time for this habit to stop controlling your life, because tobacco smoke poisons the whole body.

It is not difficult to know how to quit smoking. Researching your attitude toward smoking can reveal that nicotine addiction is rapidly losing grip.

Tobacco has no positive effect on you. Understanding this and quitting is easy, fast and permanent.
Steven Case is the author of the blog http://www.cigarettekills.com/ and books 3. Simple steps to end smoking: Avoid nature’s way easily, quickly and permanently. E-CIGARETTE: Removing the vaporizer from your life.

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